The overtime 13 seconds speed kill denim, first win harvest season

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Beijing early in October 5, 2015, NFL the first round of the night on Sunday night in New Orleans, the home of the saint’s home, to come to the challenge is to lose a few generals of the Dallas cowboys. With combat Bristol inspired the morale of the team, although in regular time finally missed the opportunity to play football lore, but in overtime only 13 seconds, by Spiller take 80 yards receiving touchdown, lore cowboy!

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The first section of the game, due to injury, absent a week race drew Brees (drew Brees) FireWire rejoin, and in the first quarter on the harvest of a passing touchdowns. This is written in the end of the array is the near end of the front – Hill – Josh (Hill Josh). The Cowboys scored his score. The first section of Harding Park, home court the saints to lead 7:3.
The second section at the beginning of the game, Joseph Randall Joseph Randle leap population take 1 yards of rushing touchdowns, help Cowboys get ahead. 10:7. And after this section of the game is a bit boring. Who can not advance to the other side of the front. After the first half, the cowboy was a little ahead of 10:7.

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The third game both sides you come to me, all of the attack is very difficult, although they have entered each other’s red zone, but the lack of the last ten yards of crucial ability. Eventually both sides can rely on to play to increase the score. The saints play a game in the third quarter, at the end of the match, 13:13.

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The fourth section is advanced by the cowboy rate, but still not able to rewrite the score. And the saint is a wealth of risk. 1 file 4 yards with a pass to get the first attack. After then Bon Voyage smooth run David Robinson (Khiry Robinson) with 1 yards rushing touchdowns. 20:13 lead. After the two sides exchanged a ball, jeans have 4 minutes to score. At Louis Vuitton (Brandon Weeden) finally let go of the hands and feet, continuous three long distance passing, on the left in the game two and a half will come to an end, led the cowboys to the saints of the red zone. But the saints of the red area to make the Cowboys struggling, three times in a row is blocked, facing 4th gear 7 yards last chance, Vuitton pass slightly by a little, but Terrence Williams will himself thrown into the air, a diving catch will tie the score the! At this time there are 51 points in the game 1 seconds. This time with a shoulder injury in Brisbane changed the whole game passing onrush mode and several long ball help the saints won the chance to lore, 30 yard shot. But the whole game performance has been stable play in military hawk but will kick the ball in the post, missed with a great opportunity for the first win of the season.
Into overtime, the saints attack first, a pass without success. But the second tranche of the offensive bliss found edges in the vacancy of Spiller (C.J. Spiller), Spiller received the 18 yard pass, which, in turn, immediately get rid of the last cowboy a defensive player, went straight up to array area, lore cowboy! The final score was 26:20. The first win of the season.